Welcome to The Curam Group

Curam Group is a public affairs and communications consulting firm offering high-value, targeted public relations and marketing and communications services to emerging growth technology and consumer companies. We combine senior-level talent with cost-effective execution and have been successful in helping dozens of companies use targeted, smart communications programs to increase visibility, drive sales leads and move the needle for their business.

Our clients choose Curam Group because of our seasoned expertise, aggressive and persistent style and customerfocused approach to creating cost-effective public relations, marketing and communications programs.

Panoramic marketing insight and expertise
We help you develop and implement an integrated communications plan that will work in harmony to maximize effectiveness and return on investment.

Customer-Focused Approach
We believe that in order to succeed in today’s market, organizations must be customer and stakeholder focused, not company-focused.

Aggressive and Persistent Style
Generating momentum requires packaging, creativity and persistence.
Curam Group is relentless at finding the “hidden target,” using creative approaches to articulate and consistently deliver your key messages. We excel at developing and packaging your story and telling it in a compelling way.

Senior-level, hands-on talent
Curam Group are senior professionals with proven track records. This means that unlike other firms that hire junior staff, Curam Group employs only professionals that are highly experienced, tenacious and creative, working on the front lines and pushing for real results. We don’t waste your time, or ours, on things that won’t work and are direct and honest in advising you on what strategy and tactics to employ to achieve your objectives.

Cost-effective execution
We believe in intelligence without excess. Our clients like this, allowing them more flexibility and more accessibility to smart people that can “turn on a dime” and deliver revenue-producing results. Curam Group is able to package one customized program of select high-value marketing, communications and public relations services that fits within today’s tight marketing and PR budgets.